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How to reach ASPGC?


  • Mailing address

Academia Sinica Plant Genome Center, Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica

128, Yen-Chiu-Yuan Rd. Sec.2, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 11529

  • Telephone number

Extension 220 to Dr. Chow, Teh-Yuan

Extension 312 to Dr. Hsing, Yue-ie Caroline

Extension 601 to Sequencing Lab.

  • Fax number


  • Email Address

Please send feedback to genome@gate.sinica.edu.tw


From the  CKS Airport to Academia Sinica

From the CKS International Airport you can either (1) take a taxi directly to Academia Sinica (NT 1700: note that taxi from airport adds 50% to meter), or (2) take a bus (on your left when you leave customs) to downtown Taipei (about NT 150), and a taxi from there to Academia Sinica (about NT 300). There are several buses from different companies that go to downtown Taipei. Perhaps the most convenient is the Towards You Bus line that goes to the hotel Howards Plaza. From Howards Plaza, you can either take a taxi to Academia Sinica, or take bus #270 on Jen-ai Rd. There is also a shuttle bus between the CKS International Airport and the Taipei Train Station.

"Depending on the traffic, if you take the shuttle you should allow between one and a half to two hours between Academia Sinica and the CKS Airport. If you take a taxi directly, allow for one to one and a half hours."

"I usually save a few dollars by taking the 270 to the shuttle at Howards Plaza (one leaves every half hour for NT 140), but if you have a lot of luggage you are better off taking a taxi. There is no direct bus from Academia Sinica to the Sung-shan Airport."

Location of Academia Sinica in Taipei City

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Location of Academia Sinica at Nankang

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Map of us in Academia Sinica

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Main Entrance Institute of Botany Greenhouse Greenhouse