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Genome Projects

     [ Rice | Arabidopsis thaliana | Agriculture/ Plant | Other ]


Genome project

      RGP in STAFF, Japan

      Rice BAC End Sequencing Project in Clemson U.Genomics Institute

      The TIGR Rice Genome Project

      Rice Genome Analysis in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

      The Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers (PGIR)

      National Center for Gene Research in Chinese Academy of Science

      Rice Genome of Korea

      IRD center of Montpellier, France

      International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

      Rice insertion mutant database (Experimental)

      Rice Microarray Opening Site (RMOS)

      University of Wisconsin Madison Rice Genome Project


      Gene Discovery by Functional Genomics


Other effort

      Rice GD

      Monsanto rice-research.org


      Torrey Mesa research institute

Rice sequence information

      TIGR Rice Gene Index (OsGI)

      TIGR rice repeat DNA database

      The Korea Rice Genome Database

      Rice Sequence Analysis Project by CBC, UMN

      The Oryza sativa Transposable Element Database

      Rice fingerprinting map by CUGI

      Rice GAAS by RGP

      TIGR annotation

      MAFF RiceDB


Functional genomics

      International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

      The Rice Functional Genomics Program (RIFGP), China

      Rice Microarray Openning Site, Japan

      Maize-Rice Functional Genomics Project (CIMMYT and IRRI)

      CAMBIA's TransGenomics Initiative (TGI)

      Gramene: A Comparative Mapping Resource for Grains

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Arabidopsis thaliana

Agriculture/ Plant



Research Information

     [ Rice | Assorted Collection | Documentation ]


Rice Genes in Cornell

Rice Genetics Research at USDA-ARS

Rice Web in IRRI

Oryzabase gather knowledge from classical rice genetics to recent genomics

BAC-based Physical Map by Texas A&M

Rice-research of Monsanto

Announce of complete rice genome map by Syngenta


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Assorted Collection

Biosis Software

Biology Software by Dr. Mick Partis, also abundant resources and links of biology

BioToolKit in BioSupplyNet, collection for the study of nucleic acid, genome, and protein structure.

CBS (Center for Biological Sequence Analysis), Technical University of Danmark

Database Categories List of NAR journal

Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) :YEBIS, GeneWalker

Softwares develpmented by TIGR, like Glimmer, MUMmer, Annotator, Assembler

Weizmann Institute in Israel, useful tools like GeneCards, 3DB Browser

Assembly program Phred/Phrap/Consed System ,Repeatmaskerin genome center in U. Washington

DNA and Protein Analysis Toolkit by U. Rockefeller

NEE-HOW : The Bioresource Finder

European Bioinformatics Institute EBI

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A Bibliography on Computational Gene Recognition

GCG : Announcements and information  from Oxford Molecular Company

      Document at NHRI

      POST: Chinese document

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Bioinformatics tools

     [ Annotation tools | Comparison Search ]

Annotation tools

Comparison Search

NetGene , ChloroP , TMHMM at CBS (Center for Biological Sequence Analysis), Technical U. of Danmark

FLAG(Fast Local Alignment for Gigabases) :developed by BMEC, ITRI, Taiwan

GenomeNet : pathway databaseKEGG , motif search toolMotif , intergrated IDEAS

InterPro : Integrated Resource of Protein Domains and Functional Sites of EBI

Miropeats-Graphical DNA comparisons , by Jeremy Parsons

PSORT : prediction of protein localization sites in cells

SplicePredictor- a method to identify potential splice sites in (plant) pre-mRNA by sequence inspection

Sean Eddy's lab in Washington U. -- searchong tools with HMM : HMMER ,PFAM, tRNAscan-SE

The Baylor College of Medicine Search Launcher

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Genome Research


Rice Chromosome 5 Related



Mutant Research


Rice insertional mutants database

      TRIM: Taiwan Rice Insertional Mutants Database



Rice traditional mutant database

      IRRI-IR64 mutant database



Arabidopsis insertional mutant database

      Arabidopsis insertional database

      Arabidopsis Transposon Insertion Service (ATIS)

      Cold Spring Harbor Arabidopsis Genetrap Website

      Description of the GARLIC Project at TMRI


Other plant mutants database

      Maize Targeted Mutagenesis Database

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