Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of SCF Complex Function in the Regulation of Plant Development

William L. Crosby, NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute, Saskatoon, Canada

Recent genetic and biochemical studies indicate a role for targeted protein modification and turnover as a key developmental regulatory mechanism in plants. Such diverse biological functions as auxin signal transduction, floral development, jasmonate sensing, Agrobacterium host-range determination and, most recently, photomorphogenesis mediated by the COP9 signalosome have been genetically and biochemically associated with the function of SCF complexes in Arabidopsis. The seminar will focus on the function of select members of the ASK gene family and their role in two select aspects of plant development; floral development mediated by UFO and photomorphogenesis mediated by the COP9 signalosome (Schwecheimer et al, Science in press).